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Cement and mineral Sector

Cement and Mineral

Today's modern industrial structure requires highly efficient machines and facilities consisting of these machines. Machines in cement and mineral factories operate under heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions. In cement factories, advanced maintenance techniques should be applied as unexpected failures will lead to vast financial losses due to the principle of continuous material flow, high energy need, and customer-oriented production planning.
In plants that process metal ore and other industrial minerals, it is necessary to increase productivity while trying to reduce costs at the same time. High energy costs and environmental protection policies, which are getting more and more challenging day by day, put pressure on efforts to increase productivity. In order to achieve high productivity under challenging working conditions, machine and equipment maintenance must be done with the right methods.
The cement industry has a principle which adopts that nothing that is not measured can never be kept under control. In cement and mineral facilities, since they have hot processes and the refractory bricks of the rotary kilns can be damaged in possible long-term breakdowns, unplanned stoppages may occur and the process may be interrupted.
All predictive maintenance methods such as vibration, thermal, ultrasonic measurements, and analysis of oil samples are applied in almost all cement factories and the maintenance is planned in the light of these measurements. The most detailed information about the health of rotating machines is obtained from the analysis of vibration measurements taken periodically from the bearings. Each manufacturing facility has equipment and process durations that fall into different reliability categories, and most facilities periodically monitor their equipment with portable data collection methods. But the measurement period determined for the health of critical equipment and processes may remain incapable. Not knowing the status of critical equipment and processes momentarily may cause the process to stop and afterward to loss of production.
Vibtec has developed the plug-and-play Anchor sensor for critical equipment in hard-to-reach points in cement and mineral plants. By placing the Anchor on critical equipment in your facility, you can take vibration and temperature measurements for more than two years and set up an instant condition monitoring system.

Oil and gas Sector

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies are required to discover new reserves and increase their efficiency in all production processes within the challenging market, labor and environmental legislation conditions. The increase in crude oil prices and the decrease in profit margins caused petrochemical plants and refineries to focus on productivity.

When oil and gas operations fail, it can have a crucial domino effect on the energy supply. There are important maintenance risks in terms of processes and machines that are required to convert the gas to liquid form and transport it through pipelines. The use of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance offers an important solution for oil and gas companies, as it helps to reduce operational expenses and environmental risks caused by equipment failure.

In oil and gas facilities, you can optimize production processes by placing Vibtec plug-and-play sensors on critical equipment. By using Sensemore condition monitoring systems, you can prevent unplanned stoppages in your facility and extend the useful life of the equipment by taking instant actions with the alarms set according to the equipment.

Energy sector


There are various energy generation methods such as steam and gas turbines, combined-cycle thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, and wind turbines. In such energy plants, the costs of malfunctions and stoppages are very high. For this reason, having an effective condition monitoring system is of great importance.

The increasing importance of renewable energy and the incentive policies applied for investment make wind energy more widespread day by day. Because wind turbines, like hydraulic turbines, are installed far from residential areas and operated with a limited number of personnel, the cost to be incurred in an event of a breakdown is very high. The wear of wind turbines, especially the rotating parts, roller bearings, and gears, should be continuously monitored with condition monitoring systems.

Vibtec help you to increase efficiency by preventing unplanned stoppages in power plants thanks to its user-friendly cloud application and hardware, which uses various communication protocols according to the different needs of power plants.

FMCG & CPG Sector


Fast-moving consumer goods a.k.a. consumer packaged goods are products that are sold quickly and at relatively low cost. Together with the extreme temperature and high humidity environment in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, washing processes cause corrosion in the machines and issues in the lubricants. Because of these conditions, the efficiency of the machines and the productivity of the factory decrease. In addition to these issues, it is not simple to compete by complying with health, safety, and environmental regulations. Regardless of the type of machinery used, the required condition monitoring system must be established to maximize efficiency and profitability.

With increasing competition, machine efficiency decreased production costs, but it also has become necessary to increase safety and reliability. In the field of fast-moving consumer goods, the average production capacity is 1000 pieces per hour. Because of the low-profit margins, unplanned stoppages can cause serious losses. The production of various products in a single factory demonstrates the need for monitoring equipment conditions. Since the machine condition affects the product quality, constant monitoring of the equipment is required.

With the solutions offered by Vibtec, you can obtain an application where you can accurately analyze the sensors and data suitable for various scenarios to monitor the instantaneous status of your various equipment, such as packaging machines, cutting machines, coolers, and conveyors.

Machine-manufacturing Sector


Maintenance and reliability specialists in the manufacturing industry face several challenges. The goal of maintenance organizations is always to maximize asset availability. Therefore, the maintenance of the machines in the production department, which transform raw materials into finished products, occupy a significant position for usability and performance.

Extremely harsh operating conditions in the metal industry; especially in pressing, rolling and heat treatment, cause frequent failures and make it more troublesome to maintain the machines effectively. In addition to this, the tight competition conditions that exist on a global scale in the manufacturing industry made it necessary to operate 100% of the machinery and equipment in the factory.

Spare parts management poses a similar challenge for production continuity. With limited budgets, maintenance specialists should evaluate which parts they will need and when to provide them. If a spare part is unavailable or has not been ordered when needed, an asset's downtime can take days, weeks, or even months while waiting for the spare part. This often leads to a backlog of spare parts inventory. This not only binds operational capital but also increases the risk of malfunction.

With Vibtec condition monitoring systems, you can instantly examine the failure conditions of your assets, receive alarms and create optimum maintenance plans based on these data.

Automotive Sector.jpg


In the automotive industry, increasing the efficiency of machinery and equipment makes an important contribution to productivity, quality, and profitability. Equipment efficiency can be the determining factor for an organization to operate in competitive conditions. Production continuity and sustainability mean there is a constant and urgent need to optimize maintenance processes for higher efficiency.

Increasing competition in the automotive industry requires the integration of smart global solutions with familiar tools that are currently used to manage production lines. Having said that, while more efficient and lean production methods have brought significant changes, maintenance strategies have started to be automated with technology. In order to achieve high productivity under challenging operating conditions, the maintenance of machinery and equipment should be done with appropriate methods. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance systems that should be used within this extent provide important gains to organizations.

With VibTec, you can extend the useful life of your equipment by taking automated measurements over your critical equipment in mass production lines, and use it for the examination of product vibration standards in R&D and Quality Control.

Withe goods Sector

Withe Goods

The stoppages in white goods factories; the high stock of semi-finished products, the insufficient response of maintenance teams to the high number of equipment and breakdowns, and low OEE levels compared to expectations point out the necessity of online condition monitoring systems. Increasing the efficiency of the machinery and equipment in the factory is the determining factor in productivity and the operation of the organization in competitive conditions. Production continuity and sustainability mean that there is a constant and immediate need to optimize maintenance processes for higher efficiency.

It has been observed that with online condition monitoring systems, increasing needs can be met and costs can be reduced, thus, better use of current resources and waste prevention. With the condition monitoring system, you can reveal the unseen factory hidden behind inefficiencies and increase the capacity up to 50% with the least investment.

Due to the fact that rotating equipment is included in most of the common white goods such as washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, and refrigerators, product quality has an important place. Due to the vibration generated by rotating equipment, vibration values should be checked in the quality control departments at the R&D design stage and at the end of the production.

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